The mission of Crizlassic Productions is to bring real stories to light in a creative and inspiring way. We seek to tell stories inspired by real life experiences, while also inspiring growth in everyday living.

Our Story

In 2003, Cris Thorne created Crizlassic Productions to produce student films and comedic video sketches. After graduating from Howard University's John H. Johnson School of Communications with a BA Degree in Film Production in 2010, Cris moved back to his home town of South Orange, NJ to continue producing films.

In 2012, Crizlassic Productions released its first feature-length documentary, De-leveling the System, and in 2013 the company debuted its original web series, Common Threads. In 2016, Crizlassic Productions launched CrizlassicTV with 3 original web series (In Our BackyardLooking Through the Windows and The Same Coin). Since the launch, CrizlassicTV's 3 web series have a combined 17 official festival selections! This year Crizlassic Productions received a Best Shorts Competition Award of Recognition for "The Same Coin" TV Pilot!

Crizlassic Productions is committed to producing diverse content, using CrizlassicTV as a platform to evoke creative and progressive thought while keeping its viewers entertained. 

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The Producer of the New Generation of Visual Storytelling