Dep Fest 20.jpg
Dep Fest 20.jpg
Dependence: Chapter 1

After 22 years of committing to a drug free lifestyle, Zeke finds himself in the middle of a smoking cipher where his girlfriend's mom passes him a joint. Will Zeke stay true to his principals or will he finally crack under this very awkward peer pressure?

Dependence: Chapter 2

Both Zeke and Lexi are coming to grips with the level of dysfunction in their respective families. While Zeke's parents are engaged in a "Cold War", Lexi's mom is medicating her emotional pain with bottles of wine.

Dependence: Chapter 3

Lexi, once a member of the "Straight Edge Society", reflects on her days of attempting to fit in with the cool kids.

Dependence: Chapter 4

During a family gathering at the Mesman's, Porter introduces Zeke to edible marijuana.

Dependence Season 1.5 Teaser