Season 2 Prologue

Not only do we have a promising new season in store, but we also have a new leading lady, Alison Wien! Season 2 debuts on May 8th!

LTW Episode 15: "Xavier's Room"

Carmen puts her engagement with Xavier on ice, just in time for Irving and Milton to try to persuade him into being their third roommate in a new apartment. A familiar face from Xavier's past has returned to complicate matters.

17. Hoe Intervention

Jeremy's PAWG syndrome is in full effect. His sister, Jennifer, calls upon the family for an intervention.

18. Neighborhood Meeting

Sam is coerced by his next-door neighbor, Rebecca, to host a neighborhood meeting about an apparent rat invasion.

19. Hide & Seek

Erica is having an emotional breakdown from dealing with her three kids. Denise tries to give her the courage to come out from under her bed.

21. The Unlikely Combo

Irv and Milton are still without a 3rd roommate. Enters Jeremy.

22. Rhythm

After officially killing any shot of making-up with Carmen, Xavier decides to make one last move on Claudia by joining her dance class.

23. Sister, Sister

Denise's step-sister, Amy, makes a surprise visit giving Denise a much needed break from her reality.

24. Green Crack

During another bull-shit ass day at "The Grille", Damion decides to join Vikki in giving the work day a little boost.

LTW Ep. 25: "Kings"

When Sam invites the squad over everyone decides to partake in a drinking game called "Kings". The events that unfold are a mix of awkward and unexpected.