In Our Backyard, Episode 1: Lighter Fluid

Veteran Detective Joseph December has been enjoying the quiet pace of police work in the small town of Trewick. However, a new danger is brewing in secret within the neighborhood, and December won't be able to handle it alone.

In Our Backyard, Episode 2: The Team

There is a secret group of residents that have gathered to conduct a social experiment using a drug called "Truth". They are ready to launch the study, but their chemist is behind bars and could reveal the plan if not kept quiet.

In Our Backyard, Episode 3: Table Talk

The Mayor of Trewick and it's residents are growing concerned about the recent surge in crime involving drugs. Fingers are pointed to the neighboring inner-city of Bethel. Meanwhile, the most dangerous drug of them all is being distributed from within the neighborhood.

In Our Backyard, Episode 4: Runaway

Dennis and Jessica Perez deal with their truths, while the Detectives part ways.

In Our Backyard, Ep. 5: "From the Grave"

The body count in Trewick is slowly rising due to the pervasive drug problems. The real issues are only just beginning.

In Our Backyard, Ep. 5B: "Neighborhood Online"

The neighborhood is becoming paranoid with the recent rise in crime. The actions they take upon themselves to combat the crime could prove just as damaging.