Common Threads Season 1 Trailer

This is a series about a generation of loners, misfits, stoners and dreamers who are trying to avoid each other and reality. 

As much as they try to avoid each other, their paths are intertwined. By facing each other, each of them discovers a bond; a common thread that holds them together.

Common Threads Ep. 1A: "Seven Years Later"

After seven years of avoiding each other, former high school friends and foes find themselves bumping into one another with the sudden re-emergence of popular classmate, Brian Dunn.

This is part 1 of our pilot episode (Original air date 11/29/2013)

Common Threads Ep. 2: "The Reunion Mixtape Pt. 1"

Brian hires a local camera crew to document the reunion party. What they manage to capture turns out to be even better than they could have imagined. Meet the Freaks, Geeks, Bros, and Mean Girls of the Trewick Class of 2006....and of course Doug.

Common Threads Ep. 3: "The Reunion Mixtape Pt. 2"

The reunion party is in full swing (lol) and Selena finally arrives. Will she take this opportunity to reveal her pregnancy to Brian? Will Caleb get to finally tell Brian his secret? We have all the answers in this conclusion to the Reunion Mixtape.

Official Common Threads Season 2 Trailer

A group of former high school friends and foes find themselves home again nearly a decade later. These people, now in their mid-twenties, are forced to deal with unresolved issues and complex relationships, while also figuring out how to move forward. 

Created by Cris Thorne


Common Threads Ep. 6: "Mirage"

As Brian and Selena give their relationship another try, Brian is still fighting to shake his past while Selena is contemplating her future. Will their love last this time?